CSA shares are available for the 2023 season!

Find all the CSA info here, and sign up forms here, and scroll down for farm photos. We hope you’ll join us!

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Farm photos

Here are some photos of a CSA pick up from early October, 2021. The first photo is an example of what a full share could have chosen, minus the butternut I forgot to include. CSA members generally have a choice within categories. For example, on this day a full share would have chosen four items from a choice of carrots, beets, celeriac, radish, turnips, and daikon. The rest of these photos show what was available in the CSA pickup shed on that day. It was a bountiful fall!

More images from 2021. It was a great year in the pick-your-own garden. The zinnias loved all that rain, and were as tall as me by the end of the season.

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2021 CSA is full

Wow! February 7, and the CSA is full for 2021. Looks like local ag sure has caught on! Please fill out this form if you’d like to be added to the wait list, and/or be notified for the 2022 CSA. There is a chance spots could open up for this year’s CSA, and at the least you could be notified when next year’s CSA sign up opens. Filling out the form also helps me assess demand, so I can plan for appropriate growth in 2022.

Taste of Mansfield has a listing of CSAs in our area, and you can find us at the Storrs Farmers Market throughout the year.

Thank you!

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2021 CSA sign up is open!

Please see the CSA member info and CSA sign up tabs above to learn more about this year’s CSA!

Reading through last year’s CSA info, reflecting, editing, and updating for this year, can I just say, holy moly, what a year it was! In addition to the intense turmoil throughout the world, 2020 was one of the more challenging growing seasons on record. Regionally, we managed through severe drought and extreme heat, while on the farm we navigated damaging hail and destructive winds, unusually high levels of insect pests, and an extended power outage. As wells ran dry and soil temps were literally too high for some crops to germinate, our diversity of available crops was affected for a few weeks, but there was always abundance. It was a bumper crop year for strawberries, we had gorgeous lettuces for most of the season, the cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash did a great job, carrots and beets were lovely, and the dry weather yielded some of the tastiest paste tomatoes we’ve grown. All told, 2020 was a successful harvest season, and I look forward to sharing another fruitful season with you.

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CSA is full for 2020

We are also at the Storrs Farmers Market. I expect to start having a good diversity of veggies in late May or so. Thank you!


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Farming during a pandemic

Good morning! It’s a beautiful sunny morning, and I’m watching the birds from the couch with my coffee. I haven’t seen our winter friends the juncos in a few days, and it seems that most of our summer residents are back and feeling feisty. There is a female cardinal right outside the window, eating the remains of some barberry berries (not the invasive type!) and I can clearly hear the bluejays and crows even with the windows closed.

    With all that’s going on, farm life continues mostly as normal. Thousands of seedlings are started in our friend Alice’s greenhouse, the high tunnel is prepped (and finished!) and ready to be planted today. We’ve started prepping the fields, too. I am feeling a bit of pressure to make purchases. I pushed up deliveries, so all our regular supplies are on-farm, but I’ve been slowly working on designing a new irrigation system, and hope I’ll be able to get everything I need before our supply chains break down. A lot of what we need is so specific, buying new may soon prove challenging. On the other hand, I have a lot of faith in the good will, open hearts, and giant junk piles of the many small farmers across the state, so I’m sure I can cobble together a system if need be!
    Looking ahead to CSA season, I fully expect to be operating at full capacity. Covid-19 is most likely here to stay with us for a while, and we may need to change our system for on-farm pick up, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. As of now, the Storrs Farmers Market is up and running. I worked with our State and Town officials, and we have guidance from the governor’s office that farmers markets are to stay open as long as grocery stores do, so market pick ups should continue as normal.
    If you have not yet signed up for this year’s CSA, PLEASE DO SO NOW! For real. I anticipate reaching our maximum number of shares, and would very much like to help feed you and your family if that’s what you want. Redundancy in our food system is always a good thing, and we’ll be seeing that in the coming months in a way most of us have never appreciated. We need the big chain grocery stores and their vertically integrated supply chains, we need the food co-ops with their community connections and regionally sourced foods, and we need small farms selling directly to consumers. We’re all doing our best to keep each other safe and fed.
    ~ Diane
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2020 CSA Memberships Available!

Check out CSA member info and our CSA sign up form to get yourself set up for a full season of some of the best food you can eat!

For real. As I write this, it’s mid-January. With the mild winter we’ve been having, we were able to hold some carrots in the field. I dug the last of them about two weeks ago, and have been sending increasingly large containers of them to school with my middle school son. He eats them during class, and ends up feeding his classmates, who clean him out in minutes. That’s one of the best testaments to high quality produce I can imagine.

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We’re at the Storrs Farmers Market for the winter… see you there!

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2019 CSA memberships

Our CSA is full for the full season. If you’re interested in joining for the fall, please find info here and membership forms.  Thank you!


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Sign up for the 2018 season!






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