CSA info

The essentials

Membership in the CSA for 2017 is $550 for a full share or $300 for a half share. A full share seems to work for a family of 3-4 people, couples who like to cook, or those who preserve the extra. There are some couples who buy a full share, but mostly families of two or individuals choose a half share. You can always upgrade during the season if you need more veggies! Please understand refunds are not possible for canceled memberships. The season will be 18 weeks long, running from mid-June through October, though beginning and end dates are in part dictated by the weather. The selection of produce will vary over the course of the season, and while it is possible some crops will do better than others in a given year, we will do our absolute best to ensure a good variety of veggies each week.

Fall shares are also available, beginning after Labor Day and running through October, seven weeks in total. Please note this is not an extension of the regular CSA season, but a chance for those who are away for the summer to get in on the action! A full share for the fall is $210 and a half share is $115.

Weekly pick up times are Tuesday or Friday, 4:00-7:00 at 87 Bassetts Bridge Rd. in Mansfield Center. I know that most customers will be away at some point during the summer, and I can credit you one missed week if you let me know at least one week in advance. An extra week would be added on the to end of the season. If you unexpectedly cannot come on your pick up day, or if you will be away for more than one week, you could have a friend pick up your produce.

Over the last two seasons, pick ups evolved to meet members’ needs. The current arrangement is for members to pack their own bags with the week’s harvest. There are directions for how much to take of each veggie. Members can choose to leave behind foods they don’t like, take extra of a surplus, and sometimes swap. While other CSA’s may, we do not offer the option to pre-select your week’s vegetables, we do not have a debit system, and we can only pack your box under special circumstances.

In 2017, we will have pick-your-own peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and herbs.

Beyond the basics of the CSA, members can benefit from a number of other aspects of our farm.

There are a number of opportunities for members to buy additional farm products, including pasture raised broiler chickens and turkeys. Chickens will be available throughout the season on pick up days, with members receiving the wholesale price. Turkeys will be available in the fall. You can read more about our birds here.

Members of the CSA can also buy larger quantities of produce at wholesale prices from us, when available. Think onions or winter squash for storage, tomatoes or cucumbers for canning and pickling.

In the fall we host a tomato tasting party. Tomatoes are a crop with huge diversity, and we like to share that variety with our members. Last year we had thirty varieties of tomatoes for members to try, along with wine, cheese and bread. It is super-fun, and will make your friends jealous!

If you’d like, you can bring your compost and/or yard waste to the farm on your pick up days to be composted. Five gallon buckets with lids make great receptacles for a week’s worth of kitchen scraps. Composting is an easy way of lessening your trash flow, if you don’t already do it.

We have been organizing donations of surplus produce to the First Baptist Church in Willimantic, where evening meals are served to residents in need. Members can volunteer to help make deliveries.

The fine print

I would like to point out that it is possible, though incredibly unlikely, that a devastating weather event or similar “act of God” could ruin weeks’ worth of crops. In this case I would try to buy in produce from other local farmers, but could not guarantee members would receive the full value of their share.

When you come to pick up your share, feel free to park in our driveway or along our side of the road by the field, but beware the occasional speeding car! Please be careful with kids near the road.

Thank you for your interest in our CSA! Please sign up here if you would like to become a member for the 2017 season, and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.